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barometer parts


Barometer Spares - Thermometers made up to your scales

* Postal charge applies to parts in this table
NB: Special thermometers will be charged as to requirements.

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  • TH1s Spirit tube cylindrical bulb to your scale.
  • TH2s Spirit round bulb.
  • TH3s Spirit with pear drop bulb.
  • TH4s Spirit curved for lay on the dial or cranked.
  • TH5s Flat bulb oblong.

     * Stock Scales with thermometer to suit, in spirit.

     * Sizes given prior to being cut if in doubt please ask

   Brass Scales engraved and black waxed filled

     Brass scale unsilvered
  • TSB1. Dimension 12" x 2.
  • TSB2. Dimension 9 x 2.
  • TSB3. As above but cut to you’re size with loops and drilled.
  • TSB4. As above and silvered.

   Thermometers for Brass scales 
Postal charge applies

  W= White Backed Glass C= Clear Glass S= Spirit

  • THS1 s/wThermometer for brass scales TSB1 to TSB4.
  • THS2 s/cThermometer for brass scales TSB1 to TSB4.

  Aneroid Thermometer Card Scales Porcelain Effect Finish

   * Black lettering small scale Red & Black on the larger scale

  • TSC1 Card scale Large 11 ½ x 1 ¾.
  • TSC2 Card scale small 8 7/8 x1 ½.
  • Thermometers for Card Scales * Postal charge applies

   W= White Back Glass C= Clear Glass S= Spirit
  • THS5 s/wThermometer for card scales TCS1/TCS2.
  • THS6 s/cThermometer for card scales TCS1/TCS2.


  • Box's made to your pattern Glazed .....
  • THB1 Round top Mahogany plain moulding.
  • THB2 Round top Mahogany astragal moulding.
  • THB3 Square ends oblong plain moulding Mahogany.
  • THB4 Oblong with pagoda ends plain moulding.
  • THB5 Oblong with pagoda ends astragal moulding.
  • Oak comes in plain round moulding only.
  • THB6 Square ends oblong glazed.
  • THB7 pagoda ends oblong glazed.



barometer spares

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