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barometer parts


Barometer Parts - Clock / Barometer glass.

Bevelled flat glass for clocks and barometers - 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, inclusive.
  • Up to 205mm diameter.
  • Up to 230mm diameter.
  • Up to 250mm diameter.
  • Up to 280mm diameter.
  • Up to 300mm diameter.

  Additional charges
  • 6mm Glass.
  • Hole Drilled.
  • Fitted to Bezel.
  • Fitted Knob and Pointer.
 Bevelled carriage clock glass to sample or given measurements
  • Up to 105mm x 80mm.
  • Oval Tops.
  • 6mm Glass.

  Bevelled carriage clock glass to fit clock case
  • Up to 105mm x 80mm.

Convex Glass Supply only Convex glass bevelled and fitted
up to 50mm. .
up to 76mm. .
up to 102mm. .
up to 127mm. .
up to 153mm. .
up to 178mm. .
up to 205mm. .
up to 228mm. .
Other sizes on request  
Bezels cleaned and polished.






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