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Barometer Parts - Aneroid Movements & Movement Repairs.

  * Postal charge applies 
       Ref;	Description;			Price;
  • ANP1  -  Small movement range 26-31 Base size of movement 2".
  • As above but with metal hat shape mount

* NOTE; Please give range on barometer dial to
Re-range example 26-31 or 27-31
The movement will swing up to an 8" hand

   Capsules & Chain linkage

  • CAP1  -  Aneroid capsule replacement 2 1/2 dia, with nut and top post drilled for pin.
  • CAP2  -  Aneroid capsule replacement 2 1/8 dia, with nut and top post drilled for pin.
  • ANP5  -  Barograph capsule 7 stack replacement.
  • ANP9  -  Fusee chain with link arm & spindle.

   Movement Repairs

  • ANP7  -  To repair your movement with replacement capsule.
  • ANP8  -  To refit a Fusee chain & spindle recalibrate.

   Fitzroy parts

See TUBE section for mercury tubes

  • FP1  -  Storm bottle made & filled yoursize.
  • FP2  -  Storm bottle filled only.
  • FP3  -  1 Pair Brass vernier slides complete polished.
  • FP4  -  Charts 2 parts.
  • FP5  -  Polytechnic charts round dial and square bottom.
  • FP6  -  Fancy tube clips tube pressed each.
  • SKW  -  Fitzroy Wooden top set key in Oak.



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