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barometer parts


Barometer Parts - Mercury Tubes

* Oven dryed & anneald
* Submit bulb shape if other than standard
e = empty      f = filled
       Ref;	Description;			Price;
  • MTJ1e   Wheel tube unfilled with guide tubes & weights.
  • MTJ2   Wheel tube filled as above & plugged.
  • MTJ3f    Wheel tubes 10 off filled with G.tubes & weights.
  • MTJ4   Wheel tubes 20 off filled with G.tubes & weights.
  • MTJ5   Wheel tubes 30 off filled with G.tubes & weights.

    *Ball Pedi and Fitzroy tubes, the bulb can be blown to any shape

  • MTB1   Ball pedi for stick barometer in 9mm O/D filled.
  • MTB2f    Ball Pedi 10mm O/D filled.
  • MTB3f    Ball pedi llmm O/D filled.
  • MTB4e   Ball pedi tubes empty.
  • MTF1f    Fitzroy tube 9mm O/D.
  • MTF2   Fitzroy tube 10mm O/D filled.
  • MTF3f    Fitzroy tube llmm O/D filled.
  • MTF4e   Fitzroy tube empty.
     Ref;	Description;			Price;        

    *Straight tubes complete with cistern, the cistern size
will match tube dimensions

  • MTS2 f/c 9mm O/D tube with new cistern filled.
  • MTS3 f/c 10mm O/D with new cistern filled.
  • MTS4 f/c 11mm O/D tube with new cistern filled.

  Empty tube with cistern fitted

    * State the measurement from the 30 mark to where the tube will end.

  • MTS5 e/c 9mm O/D.
  • MTS6 e/c 10mm O/D.
  • MTS7 e/c 11mm O/D.
  • MTS8 11mm O/D with a 14, 15 or 16mm tube blown on the Top for the large oak stick barometers.

  Cisterns With Leather Fitted

  • CIS1 - 1.25inch diam For Model sticks.
  • CIS1a - 1.25inch diam For Model sticks.
  • CIS2 - 1.75 inch diam.
  • CIS3 - 2.00 inch diam.

   *   Marine and cranked tubes ask for details:

   *   French barometer tubes:...TULIP SHAPE BULB..



barometer parts

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